Appeal an Unfair Court Decision

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If a court decision comes back and it's not in your favor, it can be devastating. Is there anything you can do? In Columbus, GA, defendants have the right to appeal a criminal conviction. To start the appeals process, reach out to a criminal defense attorney from Arey & Cross, P.C. We'll work tirelessly on your case.

With over five decades of combined experience, we have the knowledge needed to file a convincing appeal. Call 706-596-6745 now to discuss your situation with a criminal defense attorney in Columbus, GA.

Reach out to Arey & Cross, P.C. if you need a civil defense attorney. We know the rules and procedures required for submitting a civil appeal. Your attorney will guide you through the appellate process; you can expect us to be realistic about your situation and the potential outcome. Set up an appointment with a civil defense attorney today.